miércoles, 23 de abril de 2008

Nigerian Visa!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in Accra yet!!! The reason is simple, today plays F.C.Barcelona team Vs Manchester United and we want to see the match (i bought one t-shirt of Fc.Barcelona for these special moment). But, also we have got our Visa for Nigeria (1 month, 1 entry) in the embassy of Accra without problems!! Just only too much photocopies and 56$ each-one for the visa (48h)...Here, you don´t need any special invitation letter or similar of any Nigerian like in everywhere people says.....
And all the guides are wrong about the real address of the embassy too (Lonely Planet, Brad, Routard....please renew the information more often !!!) These is the new address with GPS waypoint too, just only for travellers....:

Nigerian Embassy
Roman Ridge area (Accra)
Near Continental Road
N 05º 36´24.2"
W 000º 12´00.3"

That´s all folks!!!
Bye bye.....and Força BarçaAAA!!!

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